Small Talk & Socialising

This seminar defferentiates between a high context language and a low context language and the difference it makes to the communication of small talk needed for social skills which is every bit as important in many countries as doing business itself. The seminar is designed for those who have a good vocabulary and phraseology but who still do not feel very secure when communicating with the English speaking world and for those wishing to develop their rapport through a deeper understanding of how the English language is used and spoken.


  • Cultural differences determine communication differences
  • Importance of Small Talk & cross cultural awareness
  • English courtesy
  • The necessity of Small Talk & socialising skills
  • Personal communication style


Participants will:

  • increase confidence in his/her spoken English language skills
  • develop his/her own personal linguisitic style and authenticity in the international market
  • be able to eliminate any misunderstandings successfully clarify misunderstandings with ease
  • check comprehension correctly
  • be able to express him/herself more purposefully and clearly
  • improve his/her understanding and participation in „Small Talk“
  • develop an „approach“ for entering into communication
  • become more culturally aware and more sensitive in their dealings with international counterpart

Who should attend?

Anyone who manoeuvres in the global world and who wishes to speak more confidently and convincingly in a social context with international counterparts. Also for those who feel "safe" conducting business however feel insecure in a more personal context or for those who act as hosts to international guests and who wish to gain more confidence in their personal communication style.