Rhetoric in English

Often non-native speakers of English think that the „polite“ sentences or the „Small Talk“ phrases are enough to communicate freely. However after some time speakers often recognise that something else is preventing their free-flow of communication. This often leaves learners doubting their own rhetorical skills and plunge themselves into wanting to learn more vocabulary in order to overcome this barrier.

This seminar is designed for those wishing to develop their rapport through a deeper understanding of how the English language is spoken and used and for those wishing to develop confidence, personal linguistic style and authenticity in an international business context.


  • Cultural differences determine communication differences
  • English courtesy
  • How to represent your company – Language for meetings and negotiations
  • The necessity of Small Talk & socialising skills
  • Personal communication style

Add-on modules include:

  • Dealing with customers on the telephone
  • Dealing with customer complaints
  • Dealing with compliments & criticism
  • Dealing with conference calling


Participants will:

  • increase confidence in spoken English language skills
  • develop own personal linguisitic style and authenticity in the international market
  • check comprehension and reformulate successfully
  • be able to express oneself more clearly and purposefully
  • be able to successfully clarify and eliminate any misunderstandings with ease
  • improve understanding and participation in „Small Talk“
  • develop an „approach“ for entering into communication
  • become more culturally aware and more sensitive in their dealings with international counterparts

Who should attend?

Anyone who manoeuvres in the global world and who wishes to speak more confidently and convincingly in a social context with international counterparts.