Meetings & Negotiations

Internationalisation require us to conduct more and more meetings and negotiations in English. Effective communication and negotiation skills have become critical factors in achieving success in any profession. In this seminar you will focus on the skills and language acquisition in order to increase confidence when speaking English with clients, colleagues and suppliers.


  • Cultural diversity – some do´s and don´ts
  • Communication skills and Small Talk skills
  • Establishing a good rapport conducive to business
  • Delivering bad news, delivering good news
  • Humour as a stylistic device
  • „Tools“
  • Language for meetings
  • Language for negotiations
  • Language for conference calls
  • Language for project meetings


Participants will:

  • increase confidence in spoken English for international meetings or negotiations
  • be able to eliminate misunderstandings successfully and easily
  • check comprehension and reformulate easily
  • express oneself clearly and purposefully
  • improve an understanding of "Small Talk" and related skills
  • develop own and unique communication style
  • learn to become more culturally sensitive

Who should attend?

Anyone who has to participate in international meetings and negotiations and whose business success depends on effective communication.