English for the Hotel Business

It is naturally to be expected in the Hotel Business, that staff can speak and communicate well with their guests. In this worksop you can learn to develop your rapport further with the guest, eliminate any cultural barriers by incorrect use of the language and thereby appear confident and competent to your guests. You will also learn the necessary skills for dealing with written correspondence as well as competent and confident communication on the telephone.


  • Arrival on reception: checking in - checking out
  • Courteous staff offering hospitality
  • Providing Information
  • Vocabulary for different situations
  • Departments, staff and responsibilities in the hotel
  • Dealing with reservations


Participants will:

  • become more confident through eloquent language acquisition
  • develop an "approach" for entering into communication
  • develop an "approach" for improving guest - staff relationships
  • be able to clarify misunderstandings with ease
  • be able to express oneself more purposefully and clearly
  • become more culturally sensitive

Who should attend?

Those working in the Hotel Business and who need to communicate persuasively, convincingly and confidently in English to international guests and suppliers or when helping to organise events, solve problems or offer solutions.

This workshop is suitable as part of an induction course or as an accompaniment to any apprenticeships or internal trainings.