Customer Care

In this 4-day workshop you will strengthen your inter-personal skills for use in international business both for improving existing relations or navigating skillfully through difficult communicational situations to a desired result. Participants will learn how to create a constructive, appreciative atmosphere and how to optimise your communication style by means of recognition, reflection and implementation.


  • Dealing with complaints and apologizing effectively
  • Importance of Small Talk & cultural awareness
  • Customer Care on the telephone
  • Customer Care in written correspondence


Participants will:

  • learn how to become more confident through eloquent language acquisition
  • demonstrate competence, trustworthiness and a personable character
  • develop an approach for improving „difficult relationships“
  • raise awareness of the necessity of „Small Talk“ skills
  • develop own communication style for creating a win-win-solution

Who should attend?

Those working in the customer service industry in a global context and who need to speak persuasively, convincingly and confidently in English to international customers when helping to solve problems, offer solutions and conduct business professionally.